Open for business!

Fyberspates' Vivacious 4plyA bouquet of well wishes
It was lovely to see familiar faces from my regular knitting groups and also new faces from the neighbourhood turn up on Saturday’s soft opening. It went well, apart from the new cash till, which decided to play up on the day!

A bunch of beautiful flowers arrived on the day from my sister Sayon, who lives in Banbridge, Co. Down. It was totally uncanny, as the bouquet of flowers were the exact same colour as the stock of Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply a new range of vibrant hand dyed yarns, which arrived the day before.

Thank you for all the best wishes!

3 thoughts on “Open for business!

  1. I met you at Edinburgh Yarn Festival and we talked about how you would like to open a shop at some point! I am really pleased that you have fulfilled your dream. I am looking forward to visiting your shop when I am up from Newcastle next.

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