Be Inspired Fibres


Be inspired fibres is a yarn business based in Edinburgh, Scotland, specialising in sourcing inspirational luxury, natural and exotic fibres and yarns from around the world for knitters and fibre artisans.

I decided to start the business, because there are knitters like me, who love working with different textures and enjoy trying someone new and different. With this blog I will share my experience with the yarns, the knitting accessories and the patterns I use, plus some comments on foods, health and artisanal coffees, which I have keen interests in.

There is also an online shop, which you are invited to visit and browse a small selection of the yarns and brands I currently stock.

It is a small fraction of what I actually sell, as it is hard to keep the stock information up to date during busy periods and also some products are sold immediately, as soon as they arrive into the shop.

Email me if you are not sure, as I can send pictures to you via my smart phone and I can tell you immediately if it is in stock.

If you are in Edinburgh, let me know and I will be very happy to meet and show you the yarns in person.

Contact me on  Mei

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