Recent additions – part 2

Lett Lopi

Lett Lopi

Winter in Scotland is particularly cold and damp, so when Ysolda Teague, a leading designer who grew up in the Marchmont area came up with her latest pattern Strokkur inspired by traditional Icelandic Lopapeysas cozy sweaters with the colourful yoke patterns, it was definitely a cue for me to stock Istex’s extraordinary Lett Lopi.

Icelandic wool has extraordinary qualities, which are perfect for sweaters in Edinburgh. Garments knitted up with the Lett Lopi are extremely lightweight, but warm at the same time, with exceptional water repellant characteristics. Despite its hard looking appearance, the wool doesn’t seem to irritate my eczema on my hands, the knitted fabric is very lightweight and best worn as an outer garment and over a light polo neck.

I am currently stocking 27 beautiful colours in the shop ranging from rich plums, blues, greys, blues, browns and ambers.

Lett Lopi

Lett Lopi

Lett Lopi

Lett Lopi

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